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It may be an annual event for most, but making resolutions for the new year is something that has never interested me. This blog began many moons ago as a creative outlet that I maintained for fun. While this still holds true, I would also like to utilize this web real estate as a place to leave part of my legacy for my family.

For the next twelve months, I would like to share content a minimum of twice a week.

I have scheduled three posts per week for the month of January, which should balance out my once a week posts in February. Sadness and inertia are often brought on by morbid delectation of the sins and problems of the past. Such a spiritual condition is akin to death and can result in a falling away from the practice of the Faith. It is an enslavement which vitiates our freedom. Today we hear about the work of Christ in us, anointed for life and for the kingdom, because "for freedom Christ has set us free. "Elijah calls Elisha to go forward, to receive anointing for a new life as prophet of God. But Elisha's first reaction is to go backward, back to his family instead of forward in trust with God. And in the Gospel, those privileged to hear the call of the Lord to join Him in the life of the kingdom respond by saying that they would rather bury the dead. " The Church is the Body of Christ not just in receiving his divine life and love, but in giving it as well. Christ sent the Twelve out "two by two" and he also sends us forth. The Church is perpetually on mission to evangelize all nations. The sacramental liturgy takes its name of the "Mass" from this reality.

The word derives from the Latin "missa" when, at the conclusion of the liturgy, the priest says "Ite, missa est", meaning "Go, it is sent forth.

" The people have heard the Word, prayed and received the Eucharist and are now prepared to take these gifts out to the world.

Certainly there will be taxes that relate to automation. Gates is proposing that we replace the double tax with a triple tax. I expect one could construct arguments for special taxes on capital that replaces labor that were not absurd, although there is no particular reason to focus on robots—capital has been substituting for labor at least since the invention of the plow, probably longer. But this one is either stupidity, unlikely in the case of Gates, or blatant demagoguery. S. Yet almost nobody is fat. Why?. Tooting my own horn a bit. Various cities have announced plans to boycott the state of Arizona, in one way or another, in order to protest its immigration policy. One question I have not seen discussed is whether such boycotts raise constitutional issues. In the U. S. system, cities and counties are, legally speaking, creations of the states that contain them.

It would seem to follow that actions of, say, the city of San Francisco count as actions of the state of California.

I am not a constitutional scholar, but it is my understanding that the Constitution does not permit states to impose tariffs or similar restrictions on trade with other states. I rarely endorse things, and I do not get a penny for endorsing things when I do.

Recently I need to de-solder some transistors.

They were in a very tight space and getting a solder sucking tool on one side and a soldering iron on the other side was not a possibility.

So I looked at getting an all in one tool.

I was looking on eBay when someone nearby said that they had one for the same price at Radio Shack. I could not believe it, but sure enough it was at the same price. So I bought it and had the chance to use it. Let me say I was very impressed, it worked perfectly. will notice the addition of Blunt Object to my blogroll, at right. I will warn you that he is a verbal arsonist. You will not agree with everything he says. He's also an observer of our decline of liberty, and likes good beer. So what's not to like?His Mid-Week Misanthropy series is good. Witness the Dwyer N. E. The answers are in Bold and underlined. Hello!! It's challenge time at the Ribbon Carousel. This weeks challenge is to use BOWS! Simple enough, eh. I was asked to make a card for a mommy-to-be and my favorite image is from Mo Manning.

It's just perfect and you can really see the love she has for her unborn child!! So I pulled out my pinks and went to work.

Mother to Be is colored using Copic markers. The Cardstock is Candy Hearts Bazzill and the ribbon is Pink Satin Center Band Ribbon both from The Ribbon Carousel. I seem to go in waves in my posting! I have another busy weekend ahead of me. It's my brother and my sis-in-laws bday so they have a big annual party at their house. Plus I am going to make a super quick trip to Orlando prior to going there. Maybe on Sunday I will get to sit down and enjoy myself in my room. Wait, on second thought. David,"I am looking to diversify my portfolio and am looking at oil/energy stocks.

I read your nice review on Precision Drilling Trust and decided to buy the stock.

These activities were aimed at bringing people closer to the waters, to inspire them to do their part to conserve and value water. After we picked up our WWD visors, we were joined in by a special guest, Permanent Secretary, Environment & Water Resources, Mr. Mr. There's been great fuel for pride in my life recently.

I led a couple of seminars during the last month, and they were received beyond my hopes and expectations.

I went for a walk and prayed the other morning. I wept. I could feel pride and selfish ambition creeping up on me, and I was determined to stand against them. I sat and reflected on my insignificance. God doesn't need me.

He can further his kingdom without my help.

"Hi" to those of you who came up and said "hi" at the Belgrave Heights Women's Convention. It was lovely to see some of you in the flesh!It was a great day. I've been asked to share what we heard with you. I thought I'd start with Ainsley Poulos' talks on Colossians. When Jesus rose from the dead, he ushered in the new age. So we don't feel at home here, or experience heaven yet: we live in the now and the not yet. Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray for you, and I will instruct you in the good and the right way. It was in my explosion of tears and talking with my husband that I began to realize the problem. To be honest- it is wearing me down! Insert meltdown here. But tomorrow I will be back and have a SUPER cool tutorial and giveaway planned!. Of course, Jesus’ declaration that He and God the Father are one is unacceptable to the Jews. He has declared Himself to be God. Today's Sketchbook Sampler is of my favorite Olympian, Hermes. This might be the only time you get to see his peepers. She seemed less than impressed when I told her. The titular character is looking for love but occupied with the care of the town cemetery and defending the town against zombies. He's very matter-of-fact about it all. Youtube has it online dubbed in English, but embedding is disabled. Here's a trailer in Italian with English subtitles:Stomp Tokyo says, "there are some wonderful visual images on display in Cemetery Man. If you expect stories to make sense, then you're probably going to hate it. " DVD Journal says, "Martin Scorsese called it the best movie of the year". Bleak House by Charles Dickens is The Younger Son's favorite of Dickens' work. And now that I've read it, I understand why. The characters are many but varied and not easy to confuse. The plot includes elements concerning both major and minor characters, both of a personal nature and concerning the legal system's dealing with conflicting wills. It contains one of the first English detectives in fiction -according to Wikipedia, Bleak House is "the first novel in which a detective plays a significant role". I find it fascinating. It was originally published in installments. It can be read online. from the dust jacket of my Modern Library edition:Dickens' great novel, famous for its attacks on the venerable court of Chancery, is an impassioned account of the celebrated Jarndyce versus Jarndyce court case. at least not according to the tool here. The Book View Cafe Blog knows what killed it:. bad voice – bad, bad, bad, bad, bad voice. There’s a peculiar sort of tonedeaf sci fi voice sung with chalkboard scratch “wrong” notes, and then there’s a separate, cheap tonedeaf knockoff of noir film narration that I think got its start during the “cyberpunk” years. That one won’t die, and I think over time, it has been a very big nail in adult-oriented written science fiction with that label on it.

GoogleVideo has it online:Moria says this is one of Franco's better works but that "Count Dracula is in the end a noble endeavour that has sadly befallen a cheap producer and a hack director.

". Though I blew up in Saturday's race, I'm still pretty happy with it. Both the race and my Tuesday workout indicate that my fitness is improving and I'm on the right track. So woo. The negative to this week is that either I'm getting sick, or my allergies are in full force. As I sat in the Houston airport waiting for my flight back to Newark, I couldn’t help but to sit and reflect on my experience at the first ever Google Teacher Academy for Administrators. This was by far the most intense, and rewarding professional development venture that I have ever been a part of. Brought together by innovative practices, and a desire to integrate Google educational tools with sound pedagogy. ” As I mentioned before, the day was INTENSE, which was right in my wheelhouse as a concrete sequential learner. Each session moved seamlessly from one to the next within an eleven-hour time span. Joining the library of 'Expert' titles, it features a wide range of techniques for steam and modern era freight and passenger stock and looks at the use of weathering powders, pigments and dyes, as well as enamel and acrylic paints. Adding realistic graffiti, peeling paint, burnished paintwork and recreating specific types of 'dirt' are demonstrated, using simple techniques and equipment. Subjects include: Surface preparation Authentic dusty finish for aggregate and mineral wagons Using powders with fixative solutions to create unique effects Timber-bodied wagons and recreating the look of bare wood Pre- and post-shading Peeling and chipped paint, rust patches Adding texture to roofs and underframes Greasy deposits and staining Graffiti Recreating the typical steam-age look for carriages See the next issue of Model Rail magazine for more details or see Telerail's website. Toyota Wish Zenden Front Bar InstallationClose upremove wiper motor,holder,firewall. .