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This past weekend my dear friend DJ came to visit. We went to a kind of antique place on Saturday. amongst the creepy parts I did find a cool picture for our AU room. J thinks its terrifying, and I explained that the eagle is not nearly as frightening as the dolls displayed below. Season the roast with garlic and pepper. Brown in a skillet using a bit of EVOO.

Mix soy sauce, water, the Italian dressing mix and pour over the roast.

Check and make sure there is still enough liquid in the skillet. When done, slice and enjoy! It is also good cold for sandwiches. Granted I have only used one recipe before. For all the time I've been in shops there has been a story floating around that gets repeated whenever somebody has to drill a tiny hole. The story changes depending on who tells it but basically has the same cast of characters.

The story goes something like this.

The story teller never has a specification on how small the drill other than its really small. Smaller than a hair is what I've heard told before. The second part of the story gets even fuzzier. They politely ask for a sample of the drill for testing on their application or machinery. e. You think the term “social justice” has no definite meaning in philosophy today. "Residents of the Texan coastal city of Galveston face 'certain death' if they do not evacuate, the National Weather Service has warned. "Assuming the quote is accurate, the Weather Service is lying. Weather prediction is not that accurate and even a catastrophic flood does not kill everyone. But it is hard to point out that people are lying when they are lying in a good cause without being accused of minimizing dangers or wanting people to die. " A lot more than two people chose to stay in Galveston. The individual stones of the arch are tenned ‘voussoirs’, the arched soffit the ‘intrados’ and the upper profile of the arch stones the ‘extrados’. The choice of the segment of a circle that is selected is to an extent a matter of taste, which is influenced by the appearance of strength. A shallow rise is often acceptable for small openings and a greater rise for larger, as the structural efficiency of the arch increases the more nearly the segment approaches a full half circle, The voussoirs of the segmental arch illustrated in Fig. The stones of an arch are cut so that there is an uneven number of voussoirs with a centre or key stone. It was actually pretty fun. First, we threw up a temporary pool, made of a folding steel frame and rubberized canvas.

We then practiced drafting water from it through the engine, and had guys practice handline technique, refilling the pond.

We also nursed the tanker, and used it like an "engine" to pump to a handline. We were taught to have the nozzle man backed up by a hose man, both leaned forward into what looks for all like a stance for shooting SMGs and shotguns. what do you do with your work partner?Apparently, if you're a Chicago news anchor team, you invent a perfectly-timed dance that strangely reminds one of synchronized swimming. Labels: don't make fun of my dancing, in the news, things you find on the InterWeb, You Do That In Public?. Yes, I've slowed up, as of late. But it's doing work that I like, and the training promises to be interesting. It's called "ALERRT" training, and is a crash course in how to intelligently and quickly react, as the first responder to an active shooter or a terrorist event. The impetus of this writing is, in fact, procrastination. Oh, and it would be nice if I could get a few hours of sleep today, as I work tonight, same as last night. This tautology is the culmination of years of training, I assure you. Here we go. Mark had one as a kid just like it and recently found this one. I really like the Super Course, I believe it is one of the more underrated bicycles and can be restored as original or used as a black canvas for some really nice builds. I am also a sucker for chrome chain and seat stays which was not available long after this one. The openwork pattern of this heavy duty door-mat has the look of wrought iron but is actually made of weighty, rugged rubber. These are designed to serve outdoors and withstand the elements. Over the last few days in our Krafty Peeks, we have shared lots of AMAZING new stamps from all our artists! We’ve got something for everyone!! We've got TWO sweet new summertime sets from Nicole. There's been a lot of talk lately about the threat of global deflation. According to Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF: “With inflation running below many central banks’ targets, we see rising risks of deflation, which could prove disastrous for the recovery.

“The recent news on inflation has not been good,” he said in a speech on Wednesday.

” Inflation in the U. S. is indeed running below target, but what about inflation expectations? Here are some market-based measures of U. S. In a nutshell, Krugman and Wren-Lewis claim that the economics profession knows how to diagnose and treat post-Lehman-like recessions. Well, that's nice. But I don't read Yates as claiming otherwise. Well, I don't know. Sounds plausible. Certainly, I would not have called Yates out for his "self-destructive" attitude. For a similar "self-destructive" attitude, have a look here at what the physicist Freeman Dyson has to say about what people generally don't get about science: Q: "How can you tell if someone is a visionary or a crank?"A: "You can't tell. . Those suggesting that the object was a lawn edging tool are wrong, though I see the similarity. The object is remotely medical though more of a post mortem instrument than a therapeutic one. And you have to think big. It was also known as a blubber spade. In those days the entire whale could not be lifted onto the ship and the flensers had to do their job on the whale while it was still in the water.

The instrument had a secondary use, that of fending off sharks attracted to the carcass.

This has a relevance to my last post. Another headline today brings home to me how extraordinarily lucky NHS Consultants of my generation have been, from start to finish. Firstly our medical school education was for the most part free, and financially supported. Then we found ourselves in highly respected occupations with security and good pay. The final icing on the cake was our generous pension scheme. Most of us appreciate how well treated we have been, despite the onerous hours we used to put in. I think this awareness of our privilege is in no small way why most doctors have such a strong sense of dedication and loyalty to the NHS, and have been prepared to put so much in over and above our contractual duty. And why they are so prepared to fight to keep the NHS. Contrast that with now. Medical students today have a huge financial burden to face. How to mentor a growth group leader - A fantastic resource from Macca. I'm printing this out. There's lots more to read in this ongoing series, Resources for growth group leadersMaking the most of singleness and Sanctification in the season of singleness - Two of the best posts I've read on singleness, one on how it can be a "gift" even if you don't think you have the gift, and the other on tackling issues of identity, self-centredness and secrecy. Helping children deal with death - and why you should buy guinea pigs. Not sure I'll be doing that bit. Solomon concludes as he continues with a discussion of old age. Before the glories of the heavens grow dim and the light of the intellect grows dark, that is the time to think on your Creator. As in his Proverbs, Solomon constantly tries to alert the young person to his need for God and the emptiness of the things of this earth that he or she is taught to hold in high esteem. This is one of those verses that are not easy to spiritualize for a Christian. According to Gill and Henry this refers to a man using something for himself that was set apart for God and also that man making a vow to God and then looking afterwards for an excuse or a way out of it. Since our temple where God abides is our body and we don’t have holy tables and holy utensils and other such things this is not easy for us to understand. But, let’s look at it from our perspective. Imagine setting apart money you were going to give to missions or to the church offering and then deciding at the last minute to stop at a fast food restaurant for breakfast and spending it there. God would be saying that this is a snare, a trap to you. Thank you for your continued patience, dear readers. When I decided to go on sabbatical near the end of April I had no idea that it would lead to an extended and productive period of research, creativity, and personal exploration. Solitude, especially in very remote and wild areas, has its way of recalibrating one's perspective. It is along the lonely back roads, the deep hidden valleys and grottos, or high atop wind-swept bluffs that one is most likely to encounter a sense of another world. I had planned for a simple, quiet, and relatively brief break from the daily routine. Instead, my short period of respite has turned into an extended and on-going hermitage out in the savagely beautiful hinterlands. It's directed by David Lean and stars John Mills, Anthony Wager, Jean Simmons, and Alec Guinness. The film established David Lean, along with Carol Reed, as England’s leading director of the post-war era. Some of the special effects were fun, but we were not sad to see the end of it. trailer:Moria closes with this: "It makes for a pretty show of flash, bang and wow, even if the spectacle eventually washes over you with all of the sum and substance of a disco ball light. " Rolling Stone says it "sucketh the mighty big one. " Slant Magazine doesn't give it any stars at all and says,This is a product of gross indifference in every respect, an attempt on the part of its producers to make enough money to justify a third, perhaps even more cut-rate, installment. I was never quite sure where anybody or anything was in relationship to anything else, and eventually I gave up trying: This is a montage of sweaty, dirty, bloodied faces and figures assembled to fit between balls of fire. I saw this on my way home this morning. As historian Blair Worden explains, Charles' death 'left an indelible mark on the history of England and on the way that the English think about themselves', at what was the climatic moment of the Puritan Revolution.

Occurring at a time when civil war had ruptured England's social, religious, and political life, Charles' beheading changed the subsequent nature of the conflict, and deepened the divisions.

In the words of Sean Kelsey, Charles I's downfall 'stands out as probably one of the most remarkable, certainly one of the most dramatic events in the early modern history of the British Isles'.

John Bradshaw acted as President of the Court, while the prosecution was led by John Cook, the Solicitor General.

For three days running, the king refused to enter a plea. It does not break him. Whether by work or by faith, the burden is his.

But, having had a good look over this new model, I doubt I'll be doing much hacking about.

The all-important front end, or 'face' looks bob-on to me, with the windscreens being particularly impressive. The vertical frames are a little over-scale, but you can't expect a plastic model to get everything to scale without it falling apart. There's so much other fine detail to enjoy, with other highlights including the roof fan and grille, deep side grilles and overall quality of finish. The only disappointment - and it's a minor one - is the shallowness of the bogie detail, especially the axleboxes hornguides. Post-Warley fatigue sees a BR Shockvan finished. Three days away, hours stood at a stall, very little sleep and a fair few beverages consumed, meant that my head was well and truly glued to the pillow on Monday morning. It was a great show, though, and it was nice to meet so many readers - thanks to all those who popped over to the MR stand for a chat. Thanks also to those who bought models from our charity sell-off, from which we raised plenty of cash for the RNLI. What do we seek from our audio playback system? I subscribe to the universal values, ie. It was these magazines which created the idea of "visual images" when talking about music. Sound staging has outstripped the importance of correct tonal balance, and timbre reproduction, and a sense of energy and life which is what is surely to essence of good music.

……to the extent that some listeners are so preoccupied with the size of a musician, or the size of the singer's mouth!!So what I believe magazines should be trying to engender is a sense of enjoying the equipment yes, enjoying the music certainly, and getting away from the concept of "Hi Fi" and "audiophiles", and looking instead to encourage a quality in audio equipment which speaks of delivering the music in a more enjoyable, rich and vibrant way.

Music should have a flow and emotional impact, and "imaging" can be relegated to and relatively distant position. After all, at a concert how much time do you spend considering imaging, highs and lows of the performance!? …"Full article could be accessed here: of us would usually argue that as long as we ourselves and not others like how our system sound, that be the ultimate approach. PreambleAquinas has now established that there are real relations in God and that, as a consequence of divine simplicity, these relations are substantial. He has also identified the connections between the notions of procession and relations. Why this Question Matters. The next step in this process is for him to address the question of what is meant in this context by a “person”.


uk/Midland Engineering Services Ltd are a stand-alone, independent supplier of bearings and power transmission products. About UsMidland Engineering Services Ltd is a bearing, power. CataloguesUse this page to request catalogues, or to send us. Hardly anyone else was out, but we found ourselves passing, and dropping in on, the German war cemetery. We were trying to think how that could have happened in the first war, but didn't stay long enough to find out. They had a couple of metal brush attachments, but at a price designed to send us away again. So all we got in Stafford was the wherewithal for a curry, and very nice it was, though I say it myself. So still no painting, but I'll see whether I can dodge tomorrow's rain enough to remove the final gunge by hand and start the treatment of the small amount of surface rust in the locker. .