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Newark, CA — Hawg Wired has announced the immediate addition of Kurt Peterson in the position of VP of Sales and Marketing. A U. S. Army Veteran, Peterson has built a successful career in sales, marketing, customer support and relationship management within the v‐twin industry. His resume’ includes positions with Custom Chrome International as Media and Events Manager and Midwest Regional Sales Representative, S&S Cycle, Inc as Senior Sales Executive and Customer Support Manager, American IronHorse Motorcycles as Dealer Development and Events Manager, Drag Specialties as Sales Representative and Events Manager as well as extensive Dealership experience in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. "We continue to build up our small, yet highly refined team of high performance audio specialists by seeking out and hiring experienced and knowledgeable industry veterans such as Kurt,” said Paul Hughes, President of Hawg Wired. “The appointment of an industry insider such as Kurt to this important role is significant. Custom Cycle Engineering is known for their legendary quality of V-twin products. This photo entitled “Ta Da” was taken in Long Beach CA. and has been seen and enjoyed by many over the years. A must have for any Garage, ManCave or Den. This catechesis unveils what lay hidden under the letter of the Old Testament: the mystery of Christ. By this re-reading in the Spirit of Truth, starting from Christ, the figures are unveiled.

Thus the flood and Noah's ark prefigured salvation by Baptism, as did the cloud and the crossing of the Red Sea.

Water from the rock was the figure of the spiritual gifts of Christ, and manna in the desert prefigured the Eucharist, "the true bread from heaven. A petition against the decree is even circulating. We then decided to take the opportunity to say "thank you" to the Holy Father and to give him our full support. This initiative was launched by a group of friends, some of them from the SSPX, most of them not, but all of them very grateful to the Holy Father. The individual stones of the arch are tenned ‘voussoirs’, the arched soffit the ‘intrados’ and the upper profile of the arch stones the ‘extrados’. The choice of the segment of a circle that is selected is to an extent a matter of taste, which is influenced by the appearance of strength.

A shallow rise is often acceptable for small openings and a greater rise for larger, as the structural efficiency of the arch increases the more nearly the segment approaches a full half circle, The voussoirs of the segmental arch illustrated in Fig.

Tweet Jointing. Jointing is the word used to describe the finish of the mortar joints between bricks, to provide a neat joint in brickwork that is finished fairface. F’airface describes the finished face of brickwork that will not be subsequently covered with plaster, rendering or other finish. Most fairface brickwork joints are finished, as the brickwork is raised, in the form of a flush or bucket handle joint. When the mortar has gone off, that is hardened sufficiently, the joint is made. Flush joints are generally made as a ‘bagged’ or a ‘bagged in’ joint. The joint is made by rubbing coarse sacking or a brush across the face of the brickwork to rub away all protruding mortar and leaving a flush joint. This type of joint, illustrated in Fig. Polythene sheet is flexible, can withstand distortion due to moderate settlement in a wall without damage and is an effective barrier against moisture. It is laid on an even bed of mortar and lapped at least the width of the dpc at running joints and intersections. Being a thin sheet material, polythene makes a thinner mortar joint than bitumen dpc, and is sometimes preferred for that reason. Its disadvantage as a dpc is that it is fairly readily damaged by sharp particles in mortar or the coarse edges of brick. It was totally dead. The hinges were in rough shape and some screws were missing. The power cord had broken and was taped together in two spots. I searched around and found another adapter but the laptop was still dead. I started taking it apart and when I located where to power button plugs in I jumpered my screwdriver across it. The laptop powered on and worked! So I went on eBay and purchased a replacement. Sometimes it just makes sense to fix things yourself. The air deflector on my van was scraping on the road whenever I hit a bump. It would really catch on parking lot blocks and curbs. So I parked it on some bricks and crawled under there to see what was the matter. First there is a plastic piece that is missing. Second the bolts that are there do not line up to catch the holes in the plastic. In the first picture you can see the over all view with the two white metal straps. Notice how rusty the oil pan is. It could have used something to hold up the center of the air deflector as well. It was a take-home test that my professor had given to us two weeks before, and I started working on it just after midnight of the morning that it was to be turned in. "You'll never learn if you don't get stomped with a D or something when you do that! Instead, you get rewarded for procrastinating!" she fumed. This is what I do. " And by that, I mean that I evaluate the state of our Homeland Security from a street-level bureaucrat's perspective, and from a graduate student's perspective. Long shift this evening. Got home and made tamales. Then wrapped presents and put stuff under the tree. Stuff is wrapped. Tree is stocked. Stockings are stuffed.

Tamales are steamed.

Santa is pooped. Tamara has a new post up in her Arms Room blog. A very good post. On a very good, overly-neglected blog. I have a bit that I go over with every DWI or DUI that I take to jail:Sure, you were keeping it between the lines. Nope. You weren't weaving. I agree. Yep, you stopped at the stop sign. You didn't run it. No, you weren't speeding. And you didn't run into anything or anyone, and you didn't throw a beer can out the window or half a dozen other clues that say "by golly, that driver is drunk!"But when I stopped you for the inoperative tail light or busted license plate lamp or for an expired inspection sticker and said howdy, you turned out to be drunk. If you're like me, you're probably still trying to wrap your mind around the debate on "mathiness" in the economics profession. I haven't put an inordinate amount of time into the project, but I have made an honest effort trying to understand the nature of Paul Romer's lamentations. It's not surprising that such a catchy word was soon interpreted in myriad of conflicting ways. This is what happens with words. To his credit, Romer soon recognized that the word he invented was being interpreted in ways he did not mean. He offers a sort of mea culpa here: Mathiness and Academic Identity. DZ is not one for reading all the promotional blurb on product packaging. I am not going to contrast this with how Mrs DZ shops but most blokes with a female partner will know what I am talking about. So as a result of DZ’s buying stuff with a minimum of inspection he has for some time had this product sitting on the bathroom shelf. As far as he has been concerned it is for shaving with, full stop. Mrs DZ however has noticed what is written on the back of this product and seems to be under the impression that the substance has a second use. I plead not guilty. I have had my attention drawn to the fact that the French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo"has already resumed publishing, despite having it's offices burned down after publishing a cartoon of mohammed. Now I don't speak much French. Like most Brits I take the view that to get Johnny Foreigner to understand me I simply speak to him in English, as if he is deaf and stupid. I could be wrong but the impression I get in this article is that what they are suggesting is that they can reconcile their differences with the moslem extremists by employing the "make love not war" philosophy, as illustrated by this cartoon. Somehow I get the feeling that a cartoon of mohammed wetly snogging a bloke is not going to bring the two sides any closer. If I wrote the Bible Things unseen - "How can a mother bear the loss of a child?"The trap of doubt - Ed Welch on suffering and trust. The widow's first laugh - It's true: happiness can be a balm in sorrow. The fight against sadness - I have found many of these suggestions to be helpful. Helping people to pray out loud - A wealth of practical tips from Carmelina Read. Treasuring Christ when your hands are full - A book for mums by Gloria Furman. The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don't always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant. Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Serving begins with getting my heart right before God. Here's the next instalment from my article about women's ministry to women. Let's keep the conversation going! Have a read and tell me about the ministry of women to women in your church. What we need is a clear direction—a simple aim to keep in mind. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled. They give us a clear statement of purpose: older women are to teach and train young women how to live as Christian women. And isn't that how it works? We have a heated argument in the car on the way to church, but when we get there, we sit outwardly serene and smiling, presenting a united and apparently loving front to the people around us. Meanwhile, we wonder whether our marriages are going to make it, or whether we are going to make it, since every one else seems to have it so much more together than we do. It's terribly discouraging to think that you're the only one who struggles with certain feelings, or gives in to certain temptations. How many of us have thought "I can't really be a Christian. I do. "? But what do we really have to hide from each other? We all struggle, sorrow, and fail. Many times you also will be alone in your service to Christ. He prays by Himself and there is no answer from heaven. When was there a time when you prayed and felt that heaven was “so far away” as in the pop song? He asked, if it were possible, that He might not have to endure this in His humanity. It’s not just death for He is about to take on the sins of the whole world. However, death for His human body was a factor. Here is Jesus repudiating the idea that He shouldn’t even heal a suffering person on the Sabbath. Some Christians would have you abandon a sick relative, a suffering loved one, or anyone who needed to be ministered to for Christ if there was a Sunday morning church service to attend.

While there is much room for people using almost anything as an excuse to miss church on Sunday, this is not necessarily the case.

If you have a chance to witness, or to minister to someone then take it. My name is juan. i am from los reyez,michoacan. i like to play soccer and listening to romantic music.

i also like to watch horror movies.

my favorite movie is freddy vs jasson. This sketch is up a bit later in the day than is usual due to the fact that blogger was down until after I left the house. Anyway, its' Hera, and it has a bit of writing with it for an idea that went nowhere. Enjoy!. Here's what Mr. Brown has to say about his choice for the Gallery:"I picked Typhon because he's the ultimate monster from mythology. He was bred specifically to fight the Olympians, and he's described as being so tall that his head brushes against the stars in the sky, and his arms reach from one horizon to the other. He since has gone on to penciling duties on such books as New warriors and Marvel Apes. Reilly's first professional brush with things mythological and Grecian was penciling the one-shot "Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide". Gordon Douglas directs.

cue Blazing Saddles:The Nevadan also stars Dorothy Malone and Forrest Tucker.

I prefer my Westerns without romance, but that element doesn't drag down the action in this movie.

I always like Forrest Tucker.

In the saloon the pianist plays Sweet Betsy From Pike in the background, which is always fun to hear. via youtube:TCM has an article that says,Far from being just another by-the-numbers Western, The Nevadan brings enough twists and variations to a familiar genre that it received a favorable review from the New York Times. In a way such success shouldn't have been entirely unexpected since in addition to acting Randolph Scott also co-produced with Harry Joe Brown. This was one of fourteen films they did together, all intelligent and above-average Westerns starring Scott. Alas! Poor Central BBQ Food Truck, we hardly knew ye.

The Husband often brings lunch home on Thursdays from this food truck, which parks itself by the University of Memphis main campus on that day of the week.

This past Thursday was the final day for that, as they have not apparently done as well as they had hoped. It's such a shame. When it's there, it's the closest Central BBQ location to us. Just look at that scrumptious sandwich and wonder why they didn't have students lining up to buy them. I blame the location, which wasn't as visible from the campus as I'd have liked. I bought this cup on a vacation years ago, because as soon as we saw it we started laughing at the memory of The Llama Song:We are easily amused. During election seasons, I would call it my Obama Llama cup after this song:The percolator is the one I remember from when I was little.

When I would wake up smelling coffee as a child, this is what was being used.

She had a drip coffeemaker we used when we went over there for family gatherings.

The percolator still works just fine, which is sweet.

I've never been particularly bothered by spray-painted graphics on local buildings.

I've never seen them obscure signs or writings placed by businesses. Although I realize it's illegal and expensive for business owners to correct, it's been just under the radar for me as a concern. That has changed. On my way to The Grandmother's place a couple of days ago, I saw wall after wall after wall marked. Block after block after block of ugly bright pink vandalism. Not too bad if it'd just been one wall, but this seemed like it was everywhere I looked. It's just like dogs pissing on fire hydrants to mark their territory. It makes me mad. These daylilies came from the backyard of the house where I grew up and bring back such happy memories when I see them in bloom on my patio now. The cause of his death remains in dispute. I had a doll named Ludwig van Beethoven. I was a strange child. Now this is a site I really enjoyed doing scenes with, but I have not been able to show some of their pics with me until now. but these I do like and I enjoyed the scene so much! It seems that many people see a haughty "pain in the butt" housewife in me.

A belated Happy New Year to all!Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of blogs recently.

The reason for this is that I decided to take a longer than normal break from blogging. I will be occasionally undertaking joint blogs with a good friend of mine who lives in the UK. Stay tuned for more details very soon!.

No big deal.

Some students just don't know their times tables that well, especially past ten. I then immediately sent these students to the whiteboards surrounding my room, so that they could practice finding the GCF for a different set of numbers. As you can see in the picture below, every student has their own space to work. What happened next? Only the greatest damn thing ever! When students are working on the whiteboards, I can see everything happening at once. It's like I'm looking at the freaking Matrix. With a quick glance, I can see which students got it, which students are making minor mistakes, and which students have no idea what's going on. I can quickly identify errors for students. I've been reading, rather enviously, the blogs of those who are on the move.

And it will probably be early May before we leave harbour.

The winter months have been anything but idle. Lots to do and to think about, but this blog is for boaty stuff. So I decided to resurrect a different blog I set up when doing a course about on-ine learning. That will give me the chance to write about anything I want. Who knows, someone else might read it from time to time! If you're interested, you'll find the Everyday Fractals blog here. Or there's a link to it on the Erin Mae page. .