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“Congratulations to Chris Mostello. ” said Brian Marion, Marketing Manager for Custom Chrome. “We’re proud to have been a part of this year’s WIN BIG Spring Giveaway. Like last year, this promotion was a huge success, creating excitement about riding and bringing new and existing customers back into dealers. Our Holy Father Benedict is reaping the bitter harvest sown through many years of rebellion and disobedience in the Church.

The imple­mentation of the contents of the Vatican II documents that was eviscerated by a “ spirit” invoked in the name of that same council was the inheritance of an unsuspecting Pope John XXIII.

A widespread revolt against the teaching of Hu­manae Vitae on the moral evil of contraception further deepened this spirit of revolt through the pontificate of the suffering Pope Paul VI, who de­cried the “ smoke of Satan” in the “ sanctuary of the Church.

”Now, the revelations of misjudgment by some officials in the Vatican in their admiration for Fr.

This is following earli­er reports of other sexual sins on his part. Although Benedict moved quickly soon after he was elect­ed to mitigate the damage by ordering Maciel to remove himself from public life, we now know the full extent of the betrayal of which this man was capable. Thousands of members of the Legion and its lay movement, Regnum Christi, must now figure out how to go forward. It is a movement without a prime mover because it is a spiritual family with­out a spiritual head. May they enjoy the prayers and best wishes of all as they seek God’s will in the midst of bitter disappointment. Also, in these days, Austria and Germany are erupting. Make no mis­take about it, the fierce outcry against the Holy Father’s episcopal appointments and initiatives to bring unity within the Church are a personal attack. God have mercy upon all those who be­tray the faith of Jesus Christ our Lord and His true Vicars on earth, Benedict and his Predeces­sors. Our Holy Father Benedict has declared war against an orthodoxy that exists only on paper, but not in liturgy or life. One possible interpretation of Trump's actions is that he is ignorant, stupid, impulsive and thin skinned. During the campaign the obvious implication, which many drew, was that he had done and would continue doing stupid things that would lose him the nomination or, if he somehow got the nomination, the election. That did not happen. When your theory confidently predicts something that does not happen, it is worth considering that the theory may be wrong. His finances are not public knowledge and some have argued, for all I know correctly, that he would have done at least as well if he had invested his inherited wealth in a collection of low risk interest bearing assets. But he didn't. He engaged in a long and risky series of entrepreneurial projects. That suggests an alternative interpretation, that while Trump may indeed be impulsive and thin skinned he is not stupid, that the apparently stupid things he did were for the most part tactics that were intended to win and did win, that it was not Trump who did not understand what he was doing but his critics.


One of the less sympathetic features of the case, at least to me, is that her action is entirely symbolic. It does not prevent gay couples from getting married and it only prevented them from getting married in her town for a few days. That makes me suspect, perhaps unfairly, that she is acting not out of religious conviction but either because she likes attention or because she hopes to use the controversy to jump start a political career. Which gets me wondering how people would feel about her action if it was more than symbolic, if by disobeying a legal rule she disapproves of she could actually keep it from taking effect. It is hard to imagine a version of her story that achieves that, but consider the same issue in a more plausible context: You are a law enforcement official charged with enforcing the law against marijuana in a state with severe penalties for its violation. You believe marijuana should be legal. The result will be to save hundreds of people from arrest, conviction, and imprisonment. A naked Hoosier daddy gets his ninja on.


Some cops need to learn some basic control techniques. I saw WAY too much dependence on TASER, there. With that amount of manpower, this guy should have been no problem.

Get astraddle the guy above the waist, control his head, and get the cuffs on fast.

But for entertainment value, the surprise ending was pretty impressive. Labels: crime, police, Truth is stranger than fiction, video. It's no secret that I like Yo-Yo Ma's cello playing, and that I thought that Morricone's "Ecstasy For Gold" was an inspired work. I don't cry for beauty much. My eyes were wet after listening to this version. Labels: Beauty, music. Members of the Sheriff’s Office in the Upper Keys cleaned up an area behind the Burger King in Key Largo, and posted the property with “No Trespassing” signs. A large amount of trash from an area used for illegal camping was hauled away and deputies will be doing regular patrols in the area to ensure the area stays clean and unoccupied. This is part of the Sheriff's initiative to keep our Keys cleaner and, as a result, safer for all citizens. My father started police work about this same time. Radio cars were still a fairly new thing. Portable radios were almost never carried by officers. Intermediate force options were limited to hand-to-hand techniques and the batons that they took off and put back on their belts as they entered and exited the cars.

Uniforms looked great, partly because they were worn without vests.

One pair of handcuffs each. I'm finding that I don't much associate myself with the current Republican party. But folks, watch this man's video urging you to give up and go full-bore Democratic Party, and see if you don't find that you're developing a twitch or two. Labels: Politics. Easy Peasy!. Good Morning! Did you get a chance to hop around yesterday and see the newest release by TSG - Lucky Duck? If not. you should! Today we have another set by a new artist to release!! This month we are introducing a BRAND new artist to There She Goes, Megan Suarez!! She has started us out with three FABULOUS stamp sets, which we think you are going to love. Her style is a touch on the side of gothic, but so much fun. The natural gas provider has focused recent spud activity in the Utica Shale, mostly on leased acreage in eastern Ohio. A mountain of ice and the debris of a ship that has been crushed by it. It is a great tragedy, not a single survivor. In the last two years, specialty chemicals distributor Ashland Inc. Capital in some form or other will always be needed. Before the first lap was even midway through, the sun were beating down forcefully on the runners, creating an additional heat challenge which threatened the pace of the trainees. Hasty words have hurt many a friend and spouse. They’ve ended jobs and caused arrests. Words mean something and what you say this morning can have a tremendous effect on the rest of the day, the week, the month, or even the rest of your life. There is also the simpleton who simply must have the last word in any discussion or argument. Blessedness is a happiness only God can give. Are you keeping a copy of the book with you? Are you reading it all the days of your life? As in every day? Oh, but I’m not a king, you say? Oh, but you are. Don’t call God a liar. Notice that there is artwork and images used in the construction of the Tabernacle. The number five is worthy of mention here along with its multiples. Five has been called the number of death and at other times the number of grace. The first modification was a radical frame rake job, followed up with one off gas tanks, rear fender, exhaust pipes, side panel treatment and much more. Details, details and still more details. This is available online divided into sections and with English subtitles at this website.

I can't find even so much as a trailer to embed here.

I like Asian ghost stories, and this is a good one. Weird Wild Realm covers a bunch of these films and calls it "one of the most vile brutish evocations of Iyemon's character. ". It also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Bridget Fonda, Michael Keaton, and Robert De Niro. This is Quentin Tarantino's third feature film. trailer:Rolling Stone calls it a "knockout" and says, "Loaded with action, laughs, smart dialogue and potent performances, Jackie Brown is most memorable for its unexpected feeling. " Empire Online closes with this: "Tarantino has once again defied the critics and produced a movie that solidly establishes him as still the most important filmmaker of the decade. "Roger Ebert gives it a positive review and says, "You savor every moment of "Jackie Brown. So here we are again. you know the drill by now. find yourself an hour or three, a drink of your choice and a quiet moment to enjoy the following web finds this week. I know a lot of people don't like subtitles, but I don't mind them at all. Of course, it makes it impossible for me to do anything else while I'm watching, but that's likely a good thing. It's directed by Robert Bresson. The film follows the parallel lives of Marie and her donkey Balthazar. I'm pleased to present Owen Pomery's book cover design for Polish author Taduesz Borowski's paperback edition of 'This way to the gas, ladies and gentlemen'. The novel is based in Borowski's experiences in the Second World War.

More details can be found at The Victory Motel.

Audio recording of Fr.

Fryar's sermon given at St. The politicians, at once seemingly so concerned about the welfare of those who were tragically affected, used the people devastated by this storm as campaign props and fodder for PR campaigns and have since moved on. The President's show of concern, whether real or contrived, where he walked shoulder to shoulder with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie helped him win a second-term in the White House. Four men heard that Jesus was speaking nearby.

They had a friend who was paralyzed.

They believed that Jesus could heal him, so they made a stretcher and carried their friend to where Jesus was speaking, but they couldn’t get anywhere near Him due to the great crowd gathered around the building.

They could have been discouraged, but instead they found their way to the roof of the building.

They made a hole in the roof and lowered their sick friend right at the feet of Jesus. Jesus looked up, and when He saw their faith, their anticipation, He did more than they expected. He saw the man with a much bigger need than just physical healing. Cue mocking of those who set security requirements for corporate passwords. Yes, if we could rely on users to choose truly random strings of words, it'd work great. And while we do have the mechanics to force someone to have a password of so many characters minimum, with so many special characters, uppercase/lowercase etc, we don't have a similar easy way to confirm that random word strings are truly random. Similarly, we require users to change passwords so often NOT because frequent changing will make much difference if users have very strong private passwords to begin with, but because users tend to pick very weak passwords to begin with, and like to share them with their buddies. Below are posts from fellow AutoCAD users with tips that are of equal use to LT users. Explore each link and start being more productive tomorrow. Lynn Allen Updated my blog on kicking up the IQ of your ?#AutoCAD? Dimensions Don't end up with Dimension Envy! R. K. Jeff Bartels AutoCAD Tip: The center object snap can be used to find the "center" of a referenced image. Lynn Allen's free video Tips and Tricks online HERE. Creating attributes: labels, tags and editable text inside blocks HERE and in this MOVIE. Many more links found HERE. An overview of Palettes with Blocks HERE. And more importantly, understanding UNITS and Scales settings inside AutoCAD HERE. c-rproducts. terms and conditionsCR Products services referenced on this web site or in any. Our end at Manchester was fine, if a bit short on the touchy-feely stuff. At the Oslo end we understand that the supervising adult thought Elissa and Sam were in transit and had to be sent on to some other destination. So, Elissa and Sam, Erin Mae will miss you and is glad to have two other children on board for the next few days while your grandparents go home to recover enjoy the New Forest for a little while. Keep singing the Erin Mae song! Sam and Elissa came to stay On Erin Mae, Erin Mae. Sam and Elissa came to stay On the good ship Erin Mae. Oh what a time that was On Erin Mae, Erin Mae Oh what a time we had that day On the good ship Erin Mae!. .