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Harley-Davidson offered to return his bike. But still struggling to rebuild his life in the aftermath of the disaster, Yokoyama respectfully declined. Although grateful for the offer to repatriate his motorcycle and touched by the outpouring of support from Harley riders around the world, Yokoyama requested to have it preserved in the Harley-Davidson Museum in honor of those whose lives were lost or forever changed by the disaster. “It is truly amazing that my Harley-Davidson motorcycle was recovered in Canada after drifting for more than a year,” said Yokoyama. “I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to Peter Mark, the finder of my motorcycle. "it seeks a sign, but no sign will be given it, except the sign of Jonah. Jesus links faith in the resurrection to his own person: "I am the Resurrection and the life. " It is Jesus himself who on the last day will raise up those who have believed in him, who have eaten his body and drunk his blood. Already now in this present life he gives a sign and pledge of this by restoring some of the dead to life, announcing thereby his own Resurrection, though it was to be of another order. He speaks of this unique event as the "sign of Jonah," the sign of the temple: he announces that he will be put to death but rise thereafter on the third day.

" From the beginning he was "the one whom the Father consecrated and sent into the world", conceived as "holy" in Mary's virginal womb.

God called Joseph to "take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit", so that Jesus, "who is called Christ", should be born of Joseph's spouse into the messianic lineage of David. and the kingdoms, to serve the LORD. I enjoy taking long baths, soaking in the hot water. For entertainment, aside from my thoughts, I can read a book—preferably a paperback, and one that I am willing to take some risk of getting wet. None of that is very practical while bathing. Today I drove over and bought one. My only real problem so far was with Ubuntu. The first time I installed it I didn't keep careful track of the user name and password I put in at the beginning, didn't remember that the former was lower case, and couldn't figure out why the password seemed to not be working. I'm now reinstalling, having discovered the error in the process of doing so. I offered as evidence that it wasn't nonsense Clinton's cruise missle attack on a pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan, which was a sort of miniature of the Iraq invasion—responding to a terrorist attack by attacking a nation that had no obvious connection to it, with a bogus claim of weapons of mass destruction as justification. " His behavior struck me as particularly odd given that "Clinton behaved just as badly as Bush" is not an argument one would usually expect a Bush supporter to make—quite aside from various other unkind things about Bush I had said in other posts. Opponents argue that killing people is wrong, or that killing innocent people is wrong and even the best legal system sometimes makes mistakes, or that a system that sometimes makes mistakes ought to limit itself to mistakes that can be corrected—and letting a wrongfully convicted defendant out of prison is easier than bringing him back from the dead. I find all three arguments unconvincing. If killing people is wrong, we should have no military—and although pacifists accept that position, neither I nor most opponents of the death penalty agree. Killing innocent people is a bad thing, but in a world of uncertainty it cannot be entirely eliminated. Every driver on the road faces some small risk of a heart attack, epileptic fit, or stroke that would convert his car into a lethally unguided missile. It does not follow that nobody should drive. If the death penalty deters more effectively than other punishments, then using it lets us either deter more crimes and so reduce the number of innocent victims who are killed or raise our standard of proof while maintaining deterrence, convicting fewer people, hence fewer innocents, but punishing them more severely. Executing an innocent defendant is a bad thing—but perhaps less bad than letting two innocent victims be killed or locking up three innocent defendants for the rest of their lives. "Cut it out, Mom! You're destroying my credibility, here!"Labels: buzzkill, culture, heh, in the news, jeering. I really don't know a lot about Nishiki bicycles as I really have only worked on a few over all the years. I came across this one however and liked what I saw and thought it would be a good restoration candidate and think it would be a very nice bike for someone restored. The Nishiki Olympic will receive a total restoration with new brake lever hoods, new handlebar tape, new cables and cable housings, new brake pads, new bearings and tire tubes. I think for now at least I am going to keep the tires because they seem brand new to me. Aura an Earth Fairy Garden Statuary by ShopOutdoorDecor. An added element to your home or garden, she will bring good luck to your garden. Included with Aura is a text tag that reads, "Light and shadow play against each other in the flowering garden. Aura's charm kisses each petal with the warmest glow and the richest of colors. " Crafted with intricate detail, she is the perfect piece to add to your collection of fairy statuaries. Good morning, It's ABC Friday on the There She Goes Blog! Years ago my friends and I would have what we call a "Craft-a-thon". They would sit and chat or just get frustrated that they didn't have any mojo. So then my friend and I had the idea for each of us to create a project and bring enough for everybody to make it and "teach" them the project. There were all different levels of talent and some would make cards while others came up with some other type of crafty project like candle making. We had a blast. The point of that story is because one of those crafty dates inspired today's post. A uber talented friend of mine, Samantha, showed us how to make these cute little notepad holders. I used the super cute Smarty Pants stamp set from There She Goes. Samantha also gave us some extra note pads. Thank you Pin It. drum roll. The U. S. " What does this mean? It means that all sorts of debt instruments are treated like junk, whether they "deserve" to be treated as junk or not. In a panic situation, the baby frequently gets thrown out with the bath water. Today, apparently, is “International Nurses Day”. Can’t say I had ever heard of it. Anybody out there doing anything special to celebrate? This particular date was chosen as it is also Florence Nightingale’s birthday. So happy nurses day to all our nursing colleagues. There are lots of thing about quacks that piss me off. Possibly what gets my goat the most is the sheer irresponsibility they practice. If they were to limit themselves to foisting their nonsensical delusions on the worried well with more money than sense then I might find them tolerable, barely. But they are yet another group of people who want to play at being doctors, and, in the pursuit of this end they will venture into areas where they can do nothing but harm. One of my readers has drawn my attention to this article, which is a prime example. Our old friend the homeopaths up to their usual two pronged trick of promoting their worthless crap while disparaging proper treatment by us nasty allopaths. I am not going to go on at length about this particular article, Andy Lewis has already done that. I just highlight it as an example. Many of the Kookaburras have trained hard for their maiden GCAM experience, with a significant number running in a cool-weather marathon for the first time. It was great catching up and chatting with the runners over a spread of seafood, pasta, assortment of meat, dessert over a glass of wine/juice bout gearing up for the big race on Sunday. With the first successful Sundown Lead Up Run in March, lots of interest were generated after the runners enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Additional tents, hydration, bananas, resources were prepared in anticipation of the large crowd, which went away very satisfied with the long run at Marathon Pace. Regardless, they all melded as one with the Pacers once they were flagged off to the sounds of the air-horn, just after the group photos at start line were snapped. The runners kept to the pedestrian pathways as much as possible for safety reasons, and although there were some minor slowdown at certain spots due to the crowd, the Sundown Pacers were able to bring their groups back to target average paces. Finally. Change Your Life Forever!The Spirit Of The MarathonThe Spirit Continues. Bearing with one another - When your feelings are hurt. Another beautiful post from Nicole. The key to any effective ministry - Dave Dunham on ministry in a difficult place, and what it's taught him about all ministry. He's simple but not a simpleton - Put down the marriage books and get on with loving. Brilliant simplicity from the husband of Kim Shay. Nowhere in the Bible will you find a verse saying, "Women should do exactly this much inside the home. Women should do exactly this much outside the home. " And isn't that a relief? God doesn't give us a set of rules to obey in this area. This is an issue of wisdom, godly discernment, and freedom. So the mix will look different for each of us. Our personalities, our husband's preferences, our particular situation, the needs of our children, the context we live in, the needs which surround us: all have an impact on how much, and what, ministry we do outside our home, or from our home. It's required reading for anyone who has ever struggled to concentrate through a prayer time. Here's what he says:It's fair to say that having a "quiet time" is a misnomer. We should more properly have a "noisy time. " By talking out loud we live the reality that we are talking with another person, not simply talking to ourselves inside our own heads. We can. In honor of the old saying and the fact that the temperature has been in triple digits here in NYC, I thought I'd share this double page spread from my sketchbook, with doodles of an armored Hades, a thoughtful Demeter, and a drawing from behind of a certain demigod who may have been surprised to find himself in the Underworld. There's an evil thing in the attic, a former priest protecting the secret, exotic weirdness originating in India, cannibalism, insane hired help. Just the thing to put back for next October's horror viewings. Eerie creepiness. However, the atmosphere of strangeness amid the mist-flowing moors is certainly well evoked, and Peter Cushing gives a strong performance as always. When I was growing up we had lots of extended family and gave gifts to them all. Also, each year there would be a project. She and daddy would make enough of the project to give each family one.

One year she made braided fabric wreaths.

One of them is pictured above where it hangs on my wall. I don't know where she got her ideas, but there are patterns similar to my wreath online. Night They Missed the Horror Show is a horror short story by Joe R. Lansdale.

The story can be read online, but I'm not going to link to it here.

It's easy enough to locate, and I find it quite offensive. I don't see the humor. Or the horror either, for that matter. It's as if someone wrote a story to tell on one of the Criminal Minds or CSI shows, but stopped writing before the police got involved. In an interview at Locus Online the author describes it this way: "It’s about a series of little horrors, yet it’s humorous when you stand back and look at it. " Demon Theory closes with this:All I can say to you’s just to read it, and then try not to think about it, and try not to keep thinking about it when you find yourself drifting back to it anyway. Dick. It was filmed digitally and then animated. Directed by Richard Linklater, it stars Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey, Jr. , Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder and Rory Cochrane. This is a sad, sad story, though there are several very funny episodes scattered throughout. Nick Jr. Both sets of grandparents live nearby in Long Beach and are attending to their needs. Hello folks! Yes, I am back to my naughty acts with the ladies at Northern Spanking. This time it is with NEW GIRL Aleehsa Fox, who is SERIOUSLY hot. just feast your eyes on the piccies I have here for you. Here we can see her being thoroughly enjoyed by the wicked Miss Woods!Yes folks, I am the Northern Spanking resident lesbian! Now where is Stephen Lewis. Is that a ghost cat in the background? Been experimenting with my latest 'toy' - a Badger abrasive spray gun. Bought to assist with stripping models prior to repaints, I thought it might speed up the process. Initial trials haven't been as succesful as I'd imagined and it took a little time to study the instructions and get the tool set up correctly. LT provide the ability to disable rearranging of toolbars and docakble windows like Properties and DesignCenter in any workspace. A lock icon in the status bar tray indicates whether toolbars and windows are locked. To temporarily override the locked status, hold the Ctrl key while moving the toolbar or window. We've made it to the Lyon Quays Spa / Hotel, just before Chirk, where we've arranged to meet my best beloved's brother and sister-in-law tomorrow and take them for a sleepover. Unfortunately they appear to have brought the Donegal sky across with them. A poet friend of mine wrote of Donegal: "This is my magic ground". She would spend summertime there, loving the colours and the contrasts, and never mind the rain. That, after all, is a part of its character and charisma. We might be tempted to spend the day in Chirk tunnel! For tonight, the sky has cleared, as it does in Donegal, and it's a fine evening. Supper's in the pot. .