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With preload adjustment built into the fork caps, you no longer have to remove your old stock caps and cut spacers to adjust the preload on your front-end. Just turn the adjuster up or down to fine tune the last bit of adjustment your suspension needs.

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The shift linkage will operate smoother and with less resistance after this simple installation. This new and improved shaft will accept any stock or aftermarket shift lever that fits the stock shaft. Manufactured from stainless steel with the exposed end polished so it will match the chrome shift lever. Part No. pingelonline. "Amen, I say to you, no prophet is accepted in his own native place. In effect, in Israel those consecrated to God for a mission that he gave were anointed in his name. This was the case for kings, for priests and, in rare instances, for prophets. This had to be the case all the more so for the Messiah whom God would send to inaugurate his kingdom definitively. It was necessary that the Messiah be anointed by the Spirit of the Lord at once as king and priest, and also as prophet. Jesus fulfilled the messianic hope of Israel in his threefold office of priest, prophet and king. ". When people are arguing about healthcare reform, it is worth thinking a little about what the word means. Taken literally, reforming something only means changing it, putting it into a new form. In that sense, both the institution of a U. S. version of national health care and the abolition of all government involvement in health care in the U. S. would be reforms—just different ones. The assumed target audience seems to consist of women engaged simultaneously in a search for a long-term partner—a "keeper"—and a dating pattern involving a good deal of relatively casual sex. This raises an interesting question: does the latter make success in the former more or less likely? It is an old question, but the sexual revolution may provide new evidence. On theoretical grounds, the answer is unclear. There are two obvious arguments against the modern pattern. The first is that, in a society where sex is readily available without marriage, the incentive to engage in a protracted search for a long term partner, costly in time, effort, and emotion, is much lower than in a society with more traditional mating patterns. Arguably, in humans, one consequence is to reinforce emotional bonds that promote long term pairing—plausible both on subjective evidence and on obvious evolutionary grounds, given that human infants require extended care. There are two obvious arguments in the other direction. The first is that if individuals very much desire sex and cannot get much of it outside of marriage, there is an incentive to marry in haste and repent at leisure, wed the first moderately acceptable partner willing to say yes. The second is that a successful sexual relationship makes a successful marriage more likely, so the parties are less likely to regret their choice if they try before they buy. Liberty magazine currently has a web site, but the archive of past articles does not go back very far. Some of us would like to change that, to get the entire past run online and searchable. Doing so probably requires scanning in about eighty issues, OCR'ing and proofing them. One possibility is volunteers. S. I am trying to use "off the shelf" parts as much as possible. I did end up buying X axis ends on eBay. I designed and made my own stepper motor mounts. Here is a picture of the frame as I first assembled it. The blue tape is so I can write on it for my hole markings. Right now I am stuck on the lead screws for the Z axis. The holes for the nuts are. Both nuts rotate freely in the hole as the hole is for a nut that is. I went Monday evening to see Matthew West and then Casting Crowns. The only parking spots available were on the lawn. Someone announced that they had sold out for the first time at Kingdom Bound! Sorry I did not take any pictures on Monday. Both Matt and Casting Crowns were really great! Wednesday I went back again to see Natalie Grant and then Newsboys. Here is a picture of Natalie Grant. She was very good.

When the Newsboys took the stage the audience was on their feet and very excited.

Not my idea, but I'd buy that shirt. Look, we can't all express our love like Glenn Campbell did, when he sang,"And I need you more than want you. And I want you for all time. ". My wife, a sculptor, was impressed. Next year we should put together a gun-cleaning table to sit and chat at while cleaning guns at the end. Now, I realize that I'm just a front for the Nanny Government, but will you take some quick advice?No matter how new your vehicle is, it will make a spark when you fire it up. If you can't understand this, allow me to explain sometime how a starter motor works. I understand that it's your plan to sneak around the cops who have blocked off the city block, to go drive off in your new pickup. It is still very busy and very fun around the shop this week. Simonne’s graphic and playful style shines through everything she does– and we know you are going to love it just as much as we do. InLinkz. Yep, things just seem to keep getting curiouser and curiouser. For starters, I seem to find myself agreeing with Paul Krugman here: Credibility, Chutzpah and Debt. Well, except that it may not be as easy as he imagines to implement a sustainable fiscal policy, and I disagree with his laying the entire blame on an "extremist right. " But what he says about the major ratings agencies may largely be true. Modest yes - but perhaps in reach with a modest budget. While rodders might say there's "no replacement for displacement", the japanese have been eaking out more BHP from their engines by lightening the internals and spinning them at higher revs. As I'm not opening up the bottom end, the crank will stay stock - for now. I was paying for petrol when I glanced over at the magazine rack and noticed this quote on the cover of January's Harper's Bazaar:Victoria's Secret. You have to believe in yourself, because no-one else will. It seems that Victoria Beckham has discovered the secret to happiness. I love being married to someone in ministry, but it isn't always easy. Ministry brings heavy demands. It can cause financial strain and place a heavy burden on women, as they support their husbands and raise their children while their husband agonises over preparation or travels to conferences. There's a great conference for women married to men in ministry in Sydney in late August. Like me, you might not be from Sydney, but this is worth travelling for! The topic this year is Beyond Success. I was cooking dinner earlier this week, and listening to a song from The Cross-Centred Life. He said something which astonished me:We can't see Jesus, Mamma. But later we will, Mamma. How do little children know these things? I'm sure I haven't told him this! There's more going on in those little heads than we realise. Just shows it's worth teaching even tiny tots about Jesus. Out of the mouths of babes. If you find yourself in the neighborhood you should, like totally, stop by. See you there!. This is a revenge tale involving a blood curse. This is a good movie, but it moves a little more slowly than I'd like. via Youtube: Reviews are all but non-existent. Weird Wild Realm has a plot synopsis. I remember the first time we saw this sign, headed South on Perkins, all the kids in the back seat. I pointed to it, then pointed out to the right, then said, "I wonder what's in that direction". Honestly! We get a kick out of that sign every time we see it. I pass by the Cancer Survivors Park fairly often, and I stopped recently to take pictures of the wildflowers. I love the way they manage the gardens in this park. I saw a few butterflies and bumblebees, but didn't manage to get a picture of any. The one difficulty is that there is absolutely no shade. I got a bit carried away with the camera. " Images Journal has a review. Joseph the WorkmanFr. It is the first page of the New Testament. St. Joan is one of the lesser known medieval queens of England and her controversial reputation is founded on the accusations of witchcraft that were levied against her by her stepson, Henry V. This neglect of Joan is unfortunate, because in reality she was one of the most intelligent, politically astute and capable consorts. Recently, I undertook research into Joan's life and discovered that there was a great deal more to her story than the rumours of sorcery that blackened her name. Her husband was John IV, duke of Brittany. The marriage appears to have been successful and the couple had nine children together.

As duchess of Brittany, Joan participated in the ceremonies of court and she is known to have interceded for individuals who displeased her mercurial husband, including Clisson, constable of France.

In her activities, Joan conformed entirely to contemporary expectations of how a noblewoman should behave. She fulfilled the roles of mother, wife, intercessor and patron. For any students of history - or even for anyone with just the slightest bit of interest in their family tree! - the National Archives is basically where all British records are carefully stored and archived, and can be accessed by the general public. The Archives houses some incredible documents, which I'll be demonstrating later on in this article. In it, Elizabeth promises that she is 'your Highness's most faithful subject, that hath been from the beginning, and will be to my end'. Above: Elizabeth Tudor's signature to her sister. Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence whenever our hearts condemn us. For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything. They are, “whenever our hearts condemn us,” and “if our hearts do not condemn us. ” The second expression is the reassuring one. It is connected with confidence, answered prayer and obedience. It is wonderful to be in a state when our hearts do not condemn us. However with some of God’s people, the disturbing expression seems to be true more of the time. They are people who have hearts that condemn them. There is something else, however, that takes the “disturbing” and makes it “reassuring,” and that is the main purpose of the sentence,Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence whenever our hearts condemn us. This has gotten a defensive reaction from me because I did not think it was true. That is why I thought I was defensive. Probably the real reason I was defensive was because it was true, or true enough, to warrant a reaction.

The person who attacks small group studies as “sharing ignorance” is a person who wants a teacher.

However we have a problem with this. Teachers also have been known to “share ignorance” or false teaching with students. Having a teacher is no guarantee of getting true Bible teaching. As for my current workload, I'm just about to start scripting my segments of a new Model Rail DVD, 'The Scenic Expert', in collaboration with the scenic meastro Peter Marriott. I've received a rough edit of the programme to work from, and it's looking good. All being well, it should be available in time for the Warley show at the end of November. Below are posts from fellow AutoCAD users with tips that are of equal use to LT users.

Explore each link and start being more productive tomorrow.

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We wondered at first whatever the helicopter was doing. As it came low overhead it threw up fifty times as much grass cuttings as a CRT strimmer, and blew a fender off Erin Mae's roof. It was as it landed in the field opposite that we realised it was an air ambulance, and that there had been an accident on the road bridge just back from where we had moored at Wightwick. We heard later that, sadly, there had been a fatality. As red as the ambulance, though of a slightly different shade, was a field of poppies. She was quite right! On to the Bratch – this extraordinary feat of water engineering that has three locks very close together, with the pounds between only a few yards long, but leading off to hidden ponds where the water is stored as you move up or down. It's a most attractive and well-kept site, and a favourite place for students of industrial architecture to visit. I've just re-read "The Secret Garden", and been duly informed that "wick" is Yorkshire for "alive" or "lively". So I got to wondering what "kild" meant, and how it could be lively. However, Wikipedia is of the opinion that in this case "wick" means no such thing, and that the name probably means "river port". It sits on the side of the hill looking down over the River Aire. We had Sunday lunch at the White Lion – a nice environment and plenty of food but not quite up to the standard of last Sunday's at Forage in Skipton. On the way back we chatted with Colin who was running a CRT stall on the towpath. He was talking with a couple who'd earlier stopped to ask about our experience with our solar panel. .