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Week one of school is finally over! We both really like the new curriculum. And then there are those times when he does something really amazing and I look at him with just a tiny bit of tears in my eyes and know that I taught him that. Not some stranger, me. Over these years I've also learned just as much as he has. The TIN can be used to identify the tire in case of a recall. Manufacturer or brand name Manufacturer or Brand name is shown. A KIA Sedona tire’s sidewall is marked with a tire size designation. You will need this information when selecting replacement tires for your car. The following explains what the letters and numbers in the tire size designation mean. Henry and Thomas were friends. Their friendship was built largely around the enjoyment of earthly pleasures and worldly pursuits together as the king and his chancellor. But one day, in a desire to move against the power of God's Church, Henry named Thomas the archbishop of Canterbury. Thomas warned Henry that things would not turn out as he desired, that when the bishop's mitre is placed upon a man's head he is called to put the honor of God even above the friendship and love of a king. The story ends with the martyrdom of Thomas Becket in the cathedral and the shame of his former friend who in a moment of tormented agony seemed to be calling for his murder. Henry lives to see Thomas canonized a Saint and does public penance for his part in Thomas' murder. Thomas Becket lived as salt and light, as the praise of God's glory, refusing even the proffered friendship of the most powerful man, his king, in preference to the love of the honor of God. What is this "faith" we share with Saint Thomas, which can transform us from weak and changing creatures into heros whose names are proclaimed down through the ages as Thomas' is today?"Faith is a personal act - the free response of the human person to the initiative of God who reveals himself. A navigator is a great little gadget. We all want to go places, but we do not always know how to get there. With a global positioning system, you can get started on your journey without even knowing where you are. From the sky, the satellite finds you and tells you your exact location and then proceeds step by step, turn by turn, to instruct you about how to get from A to B. With the help of this handy little device you can calmly and confidently move ahead and make progress on the journey before you. Some of us have even begun to show up on time because less of our journey is spent getting lost!We all need to have goals. Some have a very firm sense that they know their exact location in life and others feel themselves lost and do not know where they are on the journey because they lack a goal and thus experience an inertia that blocks them from making the first step from the present to the future. In this case, a sense of sadness and even depression can set in. In the case of the spiritual life, the stakes are highest. From our very short existence here on earth we must make a journey in faith to the hereafter. But a sense of being lost, disconnected, sinful or unworthy of God or goodness can jeopardize and arrest our state of development in the life of faith. God has a GPS: Jesus Christ. Because of His incarnation, His Passion on the cross, His death and Resurrection, Jesus Christ is the gift of grace that the Father makes available to us wherever we are so that we can go from lost to found, from confusion to clarity, and from inertia to calm and confident action as we make our first steps back on the road to eternal life. Watching the election returns in Italy and learn­ing the identity of the victor I immediately thought of the need for prayer, remembering as I did that, once, another national leader, also with a mellifluous voice and photogenic appearance, blinked, show­ing weakness in the face of a foreign enemy. The people paid the bill. Pray for strength in righteous­ness and justice among those who lead us!We must each avoid judging others in these days of transition. And we must pray first for our­selves that we may be faithful to God and thus work, pray, and sacrifice that our nation will truly pursue justice as well as repent of injustice. I prayed the breviary for our nation and for our lead­ers. I will give heed to the way that is blameless. Pope John Paul II Prayer Garden opens at city BasilicaBy Jacques Kelly / Baltimore SunCalling for a "sanctuary in a suffering city," Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien dedicated the Pope John Paul II Prayer Garden in downtown Baltimore this morning before unveiling a bronze statue of the pontiff. "He described Baltimore as a city "where too many street corners are just places where drug deals take place and where gunfire inevitably follows. Some time back, I had a post discussing Nudges, an interesting book by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein arguing for what they call libertarian paternalism. As I pointed out there, one problem with the proposal is that it is easy to convert libertarian paternalism—presenting alternatives to people in a way designed to get them to choose the one that they would choose if they were acting in a fully rational way in pursuit of their existing objectives—into ordinary paternalism, choosing for them. All the choice architect has to do is to raise the cost, in time, money, convenience, and/or information, of choosing the alternative that he believes the chooser doesn't really want to choose—or that the architect himself doesn't want chosen. And I offered a real world example, in a private context, of just that happening—twice. Some of these issues have recently been hashed out on Cato Unbound in an exchange involving Thaler, Glenn Whitman, who is a libertarian critic of libertarian paternalism, and other posters. But he recognizes that other people might use the idea in less libertarian fashion. Tweet Gauged bricks. The word gauge is used in the sense of measurement, as gauged bricks are those that have been so accurately prepared to a wedge shape that they can be put together to form an arch with very thin joints between them. This does not improve the strength of the brick arch and is done entirely for reasons of appearance.

Hard burned clay facing bricks cannot be cut to the accurate wedge shape required for this work because the bricks are too coarse grained, and bricks which are to be gauged are specially chosen.

Rubber bricks are made from fine grained sandy clays. The bricks are moulded and then baked to harden them, and the temperature at which these bricks are baked is lower than that at which clay bricks are burned, the aim being to avoid fusion of the material of the bricks so that they can easily be cut and accurately rubbed to shape. Rubber bricks have a fine sandy texture and are usually ‘brick red’ in colour, although grey, buff and white rubber bricks are made. These bricks are usually somewhat larger than most clay bricks. Sheet zinc templates, or patterns, are cut to the exact size of the wedge-shaped brick voussoirs.

These templates are placed on the stretcher or header face of the brick to be cut and the brick is sawn to a wedge shape with a brick saw.


Just some clarifications of The Truth, before my good name is defiled any further by a certain bambulance driver. I saw him a mile and a half before. Assumed it was an ass, and didn't worry about it. Which we were, in fact, stopped in front of. Hello! I'm a little late posting this.

It's a new month and we have a new sketch Challenge over at Some Odd Girl.

Here is the sketch. Here is my card. Just wanted to let everybody know that I will be back soon!! I will be spending some Quality time with my hubs for a few days and will have no time for making cards. Well, I'm not sure if that story is true. For those among you who do not understand this language, I'm sorry. I'll do my best to translate into English as I go along. Before I get started, I want to make a few things clear.

I was not trying to defend Lucas' claim that G fully crowds out private spending.

It looks as if one GP hasn't read these guidelines. Team FatBird member SC Lim in the Lianhe Wanbao news. From a diabetic to one who is running marathons, not only in Singapore, but international as well. He knew that he lacked exercise but had no motivation to start. As the programme is conducted near his office, he made up his mind to change his lifestyle and started running. Mr Lim said, “I chose running because it is very convenient. All you need is a pair of running shoes and you can start running anywhere. It was great chatting with the largely new crowd of shoe trialers, and getting to know their experiences with group runs and the current running shoes they were using.

Coach Ben Pulham from Racers Toolbox and Coach Gana with his team were present to provide advice to runners on good running form, and training techniques for improvements to speed and performance.

Team FatBird Pacers with Nike RunnersNike's EKIN Ming gave a good overview of the LunarGlide+ shoes, as well as show the key mechanisms that have made the LunarGlide+ one of the best-selling cushion range for training and racing for distances up to a full marathon. The federal government has spent years in trying to wean Americans from using paper. That system appeared to be working well.

Citizens had easy access to their accounts and information.

When life is hard, how we long to be delivered! Whether it's a niggling health issue, ongoing grief, the pressure of sickness or disability, or just the wearying, unrelenting demands of life, how we long for our difficulties to end!We pray, asking God, "Why haven't you taken this away? What are you trying to achieve? It's not glorious, no-one sees it, yet you ask me to bear it day by day. Why don't you deliver me?". I was reflecting on these things recently when I read these words in The Briefing:There is something real about the Psalms. As you read about the Psalmist's world, it still looks the same as your world. The apostle Paul once begged God - three times! - to take away his "thorn in the flesh". The essence of this Proverb is that wisdom is better than strength. The confidence and cockiness of the athlete is legendary. The arrogance of generals and emperors fills books. But, God and history tell us that wisdom far exceeds strength. God has warned us not to depend on the arm of flesh for our victory.

But to trust in the Lord.

And the people rested themselves upon the words of Hezekiah king of Judah. I don’t think there is any problem understanding the literal value of this verse. In ancient Israel the houses were constructed so you could use the roof.

A wide house can be understood as meaning the same thing as a large house.

Home of the Best Damn Choppers ever Built!!. A lot of eagle-eyed readers have noticed that the cover of Aphrodite: Goddess of Love that appears on the back cover of Poseidon is different than the the cover that appears on the actual book. It's an interesting glimpse behind the scenes of the creative and editorial processes. It's a scary look at the life of a young mother whose husband was killed in a car accident on the way to the hospital to deliver their son. The pair is deeply disturbed. There is no gore here, more psychological terror than the more traditional jump scene-dependent horror movie. I'll wager with you, I'll make you a bet.

The more you deny, the stronger I get.

trailer:The Rolling Stone has a fascinating article on the inspiration of the film. The Atlantic says, "Those lucky enough to have already seen the movie, which the director of The Exorcist called the most terrifying film he'd ever seen, quickly realized it wasn't quite about the titular boogeyman itself". It counts unsurprisingly as a collection of poetry. Robinson had a sad childhood beginning when his parents wanted a girl and so didn't get around to naming him. He had a disappointing love life with his chosen one choosing his brother and continuing to reject him even after that marriage ended miserably. His childhood home is a National Historic Landmark, though it is privately owned. But some are strong and some are weak, — And there's the story. And if there be no other life, And if there be no other chance To weigh their sorrow and their strife Than in the scales of circumstance, 'T were better, ere the sun go down Upon the first day we embark, In life's imbittered sea to drown, Than sail forever in the dark. Dead Until Dark is the first in the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris. They were the inspiration for the True Blood HBO series, which I haven't seen. This book is fun. Nicely written, clever, with well-drawn characters and an interesting plot. Elvis has a small part to play towards the end. from the back of the book:Sookie Stackhouse is a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. She's quiet, keeps to herself, and doesn't get out much. Not because she's not pretty. She is. Then he heard it.

Sweet! They are native here, but we've never seen one at our house.

It was calling loudly. Also known as the Hoot Owl, they sound like this. Here's one hooting in a tree: and another: Their breeding season begins in February, so maybe we'll be seeing more of them. The Younger Son and I have talked about this for some time -he brought it up, and I don't mind discussing topics some might consider morbid- and we have decided we want to donate our bodies to the University of Tennessee Forensic Anthropology Center. Besides avoiding the continually sky-rocketing cost of funerals, this provides a service and keeps our bodies from being stuck in an air-tight box in a vault. Not much "ashes to ashes and dust to dust" involved in current funeral practices around here. One of the F. A. Q. Early in the morning, all the chief priests and the elders of the people came to the decision to put Jesus to death. They bound him, led him away and handed him over to Pilate, the governor. When Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty silver coins to the chief priests and the elders. "I have sinned," he said, "for I have betrayed innocent blood.

" "What is that to us?" they replied.

"That's your responsibility. " So Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away and hanged himself. The chief priests picked up the coins and said, "It is against the law to put this into the treasury, since it is blood money. " So they decided to use the money to buy the potter's field as a burial place for foreigners. The basic shell has been built to check its position on the extension baseboards still under construction. Once the location and extra height has been settled, I can set about tidying up the wall joints, priming, painting and then adding the extra details like windows, gutters and doors. This would be very easy to do, as the kit is designed in modular sections anyway. The building has been jacked up a few millimetres to mimic the final height in relation to the rail height, allowing slightly larger locos to enter the shed. In the meantime, however, I'm working up something of a prototype using a set of etched bufferbeam valances and wing mirrors from PH Designs and some natty decals from Precision Labels. The first step, however, has been to change the identity of my EWS-liveried Bachmann model and there's no quick way of doing this, thanks to the corrugated sides and heavy printing of the EWS logo and TOPS numbers. So, some rubbing with T-Cut was followed by an overall clean and degrease before masking up and spraying the 'EWS Gold' sections, with a light layer of white primer beneath to give it a suitable backing. Again, the undulating sides offer a challenge to the masking and a few small areas of seepage were treated after removing the tape, using a cocktail stick soaked in white spirit. Indeed, using enamel paints makes this cleaning up easier, even a few days after painting. Students had to figure out how many layers of toothpicks would be in the entire structure once Dan ran out of toothpicks.

This might have been a bit too easy.

I was a little worried at first that many students would do this. I wanted them to think about and use patterns. So I came up with a sequel where drawing would be the last thing you'd want to do. Sunday so slow in the suburbs. Churchmice are hibernating. The world is elsewhere. Where are all the people? "I'm an anthropologist" says the man in Scorsese's Boxcar Bertha. She is two dollars a touch and ten below the waistline. The anthropologist has put away his pencil. m. We'd travelled up on Tuesday, and done lots of stuff on Wednesday, including tracking down Dave at Handsacre for yet another leatherwork purchase – this time a holster for that new windlass. We'd thought that with school holidays over, the canals would be less busy, until we ran into a queue waiting to go up the very first lock. My best beloved disembarked, windlass in holster, to go and give a hand, until she saw the blackberries. For those who don't know, that's the hot water tank. Probably the aftermath of the November freeze, which happened in the middle of the purchase process. So it has to be replaced, and there's no running water till that's done. Are we despondent? No! Just a bit further out of pocket. Sunday was glorious, and my best beloved sat in state on the cruiser stern enjoying the ducks and the heron and the hot air balloons against the early evening sky, while her devoted slave shifted the luggage, hung the curtains, put away the new kitchen gear, made up the bed, got the food, fell asleep. ! Monday morning, she was up betimes for the sake of the analgesic routine, while her devoted slave. .