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With the economy a mess, jobs at risk and many families pressed to pay just for groceries and gas, it isn’t only wallets that need a boost.

Our spiritual life always suffers when a crisis afflicts the body and mind and the current recession is no exception.

The season of Advent, what I call God’s “Spiritual Stimulus Plan” sends a fresh breeze of grace through the Church and the world.

Wearied by news of evil at work as hundreds die in the Mumbai terrorist nightmare, a store worker is trampled by a materialistic mob and two die in a toy store shootout, we reach out for relief. God sends this period in the life of the Church to revive and refresh us with hope. Pope Benedict reminds us that a strong interior life is one of hope. In his homily for the First Sunday of Advent, Benedict calls us to “be” hope, to live this theological virtue by the life of grace. Equally he slams the violence and the disinformation campaign that is being carried out against the Church. Nguyễn Minh Triết, President of Social Republic of Vietnam Mr. Archbishop's Office of Hanoi has repeatedly requested the building and its land to be returned to the Church but so far our aspiration has not been met. Yesterday's post was delayed due to Blogger's maintenance, so here it is today. It looks like a good candidate for a belt, but she thinks it looks a bit chaotic. Stephanie Grace started this bracelet a while ago and she decided it was time to finish it. Cindy's Mom found this charming set in an antique store and it`s been embroidered and finished with a tatted edging done in very fine thread. She loves how it looks with the delica beads. Fox decided the edging on the sun dress needed to be attached on the top and bottom because she was worried about the Swarovski crystal. Now it`s secure. Ingrid is three quarters of the way through her edging and has a hanky all picked out for it. Marty tatted all these bookmarks from a modification of Jane Eborall's Butterfly Bookmark except the odd-one-out which is a modification of xstchntat's Flower Bookmark. This program will focus on the legal issues in workplace harassment. Specific issues that will be addressed include: the statutory basis of harassment claims, the types of behaviors that rise to the level of statutory violations and how the courts address these issues. Jacoby By: DechertCredit: CLE credit is pending in CA, NC, NJ, NY, PA and TX. Cost: No chargeMore Information And Registration. In a recent online exchange, a poster trying to defend Biden's mistaken claim that Article I of the Constitution put the VP in the executive branch argued that the VP's role in the Senate, which is what Article I actually describes, is a trivial one, since all he gets to do is to chair the Senate and break ties, and that giving him a trivial role in the legislative branch impled that his real role was in the executive. That started me thinking about tie breaking. On the face of it, the power to break a tie isn't worth much, since votes are rarely ties. But that way of looking at it is misleading. An ordinary vote is only decisive, after all, if it either breaks a tie or creates one, which is also, in most contexts, a rare situation. The question is how much less power a vote that can be used only to break a tie provides. Consider a motion in an assembly. So I have bought a car that should get me about twice the gas mileage and save me the cost of the car every two years. These pictures were taken right after I touched up the paint. There were some rust spots on the fender around the rear tires. Back from Central America, that is. Think Jamaican accent, spoken very quickly and with lots of contractions. The Belizian dollar is fixed to the U. S. I almost failed to mention that today was San Jacinto day. Labels: History, Texas. St. Machine washable. Designed to hang vertically from a garden flag pole or inside as wall decor. Poles sold separately. It's easy to add character and personality to your trees with our Forest Faces. All you need to hang them is a few galvanized nails. Good morning! It's time for another Ribbon Carousel Challenge!! This week our favorite Aussie Crewmate Danielle Daws is challenging us to create a project using fall colors. Yep. I'm sick of the hot weather. This week I used a card that I colored up a VERY long time ago. I'm not especially thrilled with the coloring, but I love the stamp. I'm not usually a fan of the "older" magnolias.

I think they have funky faces, but I do like this one.

Let's start with this: As I say over and over again, forcing your model to have microfoundations when they are the wrong microfoundations is not a progressive but rather a degenerative research program.

Why is he saying this "over and over again" and to whom is he saying it? What if I had said "As I say over and over again, forcing your model to have hand-waving foundations when they are the wrong hand-waving foundations is not a progressive but rather degenerative research program.

"? That would be silly. And the quoted passage above is just as silly. A theory usually take the following form: given X, let me explain to you why Y is likely to happen. Quid pro Quo. Recent court cases continue to validate the use of the TASER device. For those out there who would, in spite of all my rantings against the scammers, really like to try Acai Berries to help you lose weight here are one or two tips. Don't be disappointed when you find they don't work. There is no reason why they should.

You can buy the bloody things in your high street health food shop at a tenth the cost they charge you on the scam sites.

A slight variation on the mystery object. Who do you suppose this is?. Up till Saturday, I still didn't know what the actual route would be like, other than there will be muddy spots along the gravel road to the Marina Barrage. whatever that was. haha.

I've always wondered if an oil change in the gearbox would make a difference to mine.

I selected a Castrol TAF-X for manual gearboxes and set about getting ready to do the oil change. The top is the filler access and the bottom the drain plug. You don't need to raise the car like I did but it makes access a little easier. As you can see from the above pic I still managed to spill some oil - that stuff shoots out when the drain plug is removed so beware where you position your pan. My friend Fiona McLean wrote this letter in response to an article in The Melbourne Anglican. I am amazed that Dr Giles links the teaching of male headship to the abortion of female foetuses in China and India, and the trafficking of women and girls into prostitution. Here's some pictures of boys doing chores at our house!. First, to say something about the word, gospel. Gospel is defined in the Bible as good tidings or good news. Cross referencing like words, phrases, and verses that are either quoted or alluded to or paraphrased between the Old and New Testaments is a fundamental way of getting meaning from the Bible. Therefore Strong, Danker, Thayer, etc. etc. will probably not give you an accurate idea of what a word passage means. You must learn them yourself by reading and re-reading the Bible from cover to cover and making notes. They are to the history of the church as representative of Christ’s sojourn on earth and His physical relationship with His people as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are to the Jews and God’s personal dealing with them. They represent the Twelve Apostles as witnesses to specific miracles. Later in Mark we will see that these three disciples ask him privately about the end of the age as they sit on the Mount of Olives looking in the direction of the temple. America in Crimson Red, The Baptist History of America by James R. This is my second read of this book. It's very good and fast paced. Although full of information it is good reading. There is just one problem I have with it.

Fisher was an African-American author, musician, physician, and radiologist, and was involved in the Harlem Renaissance.

This book was the first novel with a black detective and the first detective novel with only black characters.

It's a fascinating look at an earlier time and a different culture. It's not a curiosity, though, but a good story in its own right, with appealing characters and an intriguing plot. Lyrics:I ain't fit to be no mother I ain't fit to be no wife yet I been workin' like a man, y'all I been workin' all my life yeah There ain't no dinner on the table Ain't no food in the 'fridgerator I'll go to work and I'll be back later I go to work said I'd be back later Lord you know I'm a good looking woman Lord you know I'm a good looking girl. If you want to give me something Anything in this great big world yeah Lord you know that I am ready for my sugar my sugar daddy. The Eagle Nest Cam here in Tennessee has a lot to show. They'll be even more fun to watch after the eggs hatch. The photo at the top of the post is from the TN. gov web site. It may say "Taylors Scottish Breakfast Tea" on the box, but The Husband and I had it before bed recently. Nice full-bodied tea. We drink tea black, so I can't say how well it would hold up to milk or sugar or lemon. The tea pot is Johnson Brothers Regency. This was our casual china for years and years until we bought our own dining room furniture which was slate topped in a black wrought iron frame. The white swirl pattern of the china didn't look good at all on the new table. It's a Spanish-Mexican work filmed in Spain. A ghost story featuring children and an orphanage in war time, there's plenty of tragic drama here. I was in tears by the end, but The Younger Son sees it as a hopeful movie. "What is a ghost? A tragedy doomed to repeat itself time and again? An instant of pain, perhaps. Something dead which still seems to be alive. An emotion suspended in time. Like a blurred photograph. Like an insect trapped in amber. When this one was over and I asked The Grandmother what she thought of it, she said, "I didn't think much of it. " Neither of us had seen it. Reilly as Roxie's dupe of a husband. I got a kick out of it. trailer:It won the Academy Award for Best Picture. When You're Good to Mama:Roger Ebert calls the film "big, brassy fun". Slate. Audio recording of Fr. Fryar's sermon on "Conscience and the two faculties of our soul, the Intellect and the Will" at St. Mary Magdalen Chapel in Camarillo. well London came to standstill on Monday due to. snow. There appears to be a tendency of late to describe Henry VIII's second and most famous wife, Queen Anne Boleyn, as a 'modern woman'. Cultural depictions of Anne soon followed suit. In The Other Boleyn Girl, a ruthlessly ambitious Anne plots to marry Henry Percy, future duke of Northumberland, as a means of acquiring wealth, position and power - to her family's horror and disgust. They remind her that it is the job of her male relatives to find her a husband, rather than it being her prerogative. In the television series The Tudors, Natalie Dormer portrayed Anne as, in the words of academic Susan Bordo, 'a woman too smart, sexy, and strong for her own time', who was 'unfairly vilified' for her defiance of sixteenth-century norms. Recently, respected historian John Guy referred to Anne in an interview with BBC History Magazine as 'a modern woman'. The consensus seems to be that Anne Boleyn, in her fierce independence, assertiveness, confidence in her relations with men, and determination to carve out her own destiny, was a woman who should have lived in the twenty-first century, rather than in the sixteenth. I'm not afraid to intrude here with my own opinion and say that I find this a deeply unsettling and, in many ways, disturbing interpretation of Anne Boleyn.

I feel it relies heavily on the prejudiced dispatches of the Spanish ambassador Eustace Chapuys and on the traditional belief that it was Anne who called the shots in her dealings with men, namely Henry VIII.

Several historians have argued, and cultural depictions of Anne in film and television have followed suit in this, that Anne manipulated Henry, even pressured him into making her his queen, and cajoled him into treating his first wife and eldest daughter with studied cruelty. In short, the lingering view of Anne as a home-wrecker remains prevalent because of its attractiveness to a twenty-first century worldview. I'm in correspondence with someone that has been sending me messages from his meditations. To provide a broader distribution, I will be posting these occasionally. In today’s culture, we have a great tendency to segment our lives.

We have our work life, our family life, and the life we share with our friends.

Finally, we have our religious life, our relationship with God, which we often like to put into a little two or three hour block on Sunday. Now, how do you think the almighty God, creator of everything, feels about being so marginalized. Not to mention the fact that we would most certainly be shirking our duty to be Christ’s ambassadors to everyone we meet through our attitude of love, kindness, patience, and gentleness. We are not called to be Christians just one day a week. We are called to take up our cross every day, to daily crucify our impatience, our malice, our bitterness, our jealousy, our rivalries, and our divisions, all those things that darkens the light of Christ that should shine out from within each and every one of us. Scripture is absolutely full of verses about the Christian way of life, about how followers of Christ are to live their lives day to day. Tapered, and then ran Grandma's marathon on Saturday. Plus a massage on Monday afternoon. I show up at yoga, explain that I've just run a marathon and am just going to "listen to my body. "Axl Rose and his merry band of musicians finally released "The Chinese Democracy" for all and sunder to hear. All hail Saint Axl for this gift to the masses. Every day I rushed to the letter box to see if it had arrived. Sadly, all I received was bills, bills and adverts for pizzas!"The silly season is now upon us. Christmas is just a few weeks away and people are frantically shopping for gifts for their loved ones. Just finished assembling and fitting an etched replacement walkway onto a 'OO' Bachmann JPA cement tank. The kit's from PH Designs and offers an instant improvement over the solid plastic factory-fitted unit. It took a couple of hours to fold up the parts and fix everything together. There's no need for any soldering - it's designed for use with cyano glue. But something like a Hold n Fold tool is essential to get the long parts to fold accurately. phd-design. co.